My story – Update

January 20th, 2009

Got married on the 28th December, had a fab time in Egypt on Honeymoon.

 Got back to find my completion certifcate with the post, brilliant,

 A week late got paid, and its all mine, saved in the bank what i would normally pay my IVA which is £350, going to save this every month and then me the wife and twins are going to have a fab holiday september.

Even though it was a relief to go in to an IVA after all the stress of debt, i really now do feel like a ten tone weight as been lifted of my shoulders that as been their for your years.

I will truly never get in debt again, but only for a mortgage, i am going to live by my means, and if i want something then i am going to wait and save, i am sure it will feel better saving for something instead of getting debt.

December 8th, 2008

Well, since my last blog, alot as happenend. My partner Bev had the Twins on 11th feb 2008, Alan and Anabelle, they mean the world to me.

 And my partner gave up work and i moved in with her, she had no income so i paid the bills etc but then it was getting to a point in August this year, were i siad enough was enough i would go bankcrupt. She said why, you are nealry 2 years in to the iva, if you go br, its still 3 years you got to pay. After along discussion she gave me money out of the equity of her house, st offer a full and final settlement, didnt like doing becuase it was her money and my debt problems happened before i met her, but she said in time anyway you will pay it back through in directly paying the mortage etc and we are going to get married and share everything and we need to enjoy life.

So october 10th came round and my creditors had a meeting, they accepted, adn hopefully in January 2009 i will get my completion certificate and life goes on.

 but its been a big learning curve, i budget for everything and will never get in debt again, most of all i can enjoy life with my daughters.

They are tv stars on shamless, they probably have more monry than me, but at least i can give them a good start.

I get married on 28th december, in the new year a week away for honeymoon.

Our local hospitial made a big mistake and cut along story short, i learnt alot about down syndrome, and hopefully sometime in the new year i can raise money for the down syndrome charity.

When my completion cert comes through i will update you more, by then i will be married my twins nearly  1 year old and hopefully the charity taking place

My Story

January 13th, 2008

Hello Every One

 I should of done this blog along time, but i am doing it now, a full 100% truth about my IVA and I am only doing it so it helps people.

 About 8 years ago i moved in with my girlfriend, at the time i had £3000 in loan and several visa cards.

 I made my girlfriend a second user on all cards.

 We made the house that we wanted, and used visa cards.

 Got married used more debt etc and 18 months later bought another house.

 Again we made the house that we wanted, borrowed lots of money.

One of the problems was my wife came from a very rich family and wanted to maintain the life style, we we bought the second house i was paying the mortgage all the bills and holidays and eneded up with visa cards borrowing from pete to paul.

I then decided we should have a joint bank account, at the time she came out with £800 a month and I came out with £1000 a month so i did a budget. Basically at the end of it after bills and shopping and savings and monthly payments to visa she would get £200 a month to herself and i would get £150.00.

 She would not agree to this i she spent at least £100.00 a month on her hair and £300 on clothes so things carried on as they did – me paying for everything.

Then in april 2004 she was pregnant – it was planned brilliant, we already had booked an holiday for June and wnet on it, while we were thier she had a miscarriage.

 Got back home, and after about 6 weeks we were given the all clear to start trying again, she then said could we wait 6 months i said no problem. But then she was going out every friday night with her friend, thought it was strange as she didnt go out that much but gave me the opprortinuty to go out with my mates every friday night with out any agroe which is what i usually got, thought it was strange but didnt think too much about it as i could got out when i wanted.

 Then one night i went out with a load of mates and to save on TAXIS i agreed to stay at one of my mates houses’s , but as lads do we got split up and I ended up coming home, got home music playing at my house, put key in door could not get in because she had locked door and left her key in, so knocked on lounge window she opened the curtains and said “sh*t my husband is home. any way he ran out of the back door and i never saw him

 Cut along story short we had pleanty fo argumments i started checking up on her, checking her phone bills and several months later she left me, he nearlly killed me tries to commit suicde three times luckily i dint and got counnselling.

 Then she filled for divorce on grounds of unreasonable behavoir, could not defend it as i knew she was having an affair i could not prove it.

 Then it came down to the money, i said sell house pay of all debts and whats left split 50/50, she said no the debts are in your name we split 50/50 and then you pay debts of.

Spoke to my soloicitor who told me to get statments of all acounts and visas and highlight what she had spent and then it goes to court but he did warn me this could cost allot and go on for years.

Ended up agreeing to 57.5% of the money goes to pay but i pay off debts. By the time i had done this bought a new house, and furniture etc i was still in debt.

When i realised i could not manage in may 2006 i contacted THOMAS CHARLES, who put my mind at rest and told me they could help.

Went for an IVA and they referrred me to an Accuma

Cause I had no equity in the house i put it up for sale and decided to rent.

By October Accuma sorted everyting out and told me they thought it would be accepted but better to wait till the house had been sold, before calling a creditors meeting, but everything was in place.

 Sold it twice but the people could not get a mortgage and it kept falling through.

In the mean time several things happened, one day i was in the car feeling a bit low with my boss and i was telling him about the divorce and everything and my regrets and wished that i had done things differently, and he gave me the best advice that any body has ever given me whaich was  – stop beating your self at the time you felt you was doing the right thing and stop having regrets. Also in september i met some one, after 6 weeks i plucked up the courage to tell my debt situation, before i told her i said if have something to say and when i have told you if you want to end it i understand. She was shocked but said i am going out with you becuase i like you and we get on and money dosent matter, although she said you sort your money out, dont get me in debt and dont involve me in your IVA.

 We are now engaged and hopefully due to get married on 28th Decemeber 2008 and she is preganant with twins.

 Because she dosent want to get involved in my IVA i live on my own in rented accomadtion and she wons her own house and she is getting a new mortgage in september 2008 and may consider borrowing extra money only if it will be accepted as a full and final settlement on my IVA. Then we can live together and get on with the rest of our lives.

 So times i catch myself out thinking i should of gone for BR but then i think irrespective of how i got in debt its my priniciples that i pay back what i can and sort my life out.

 I have learnt out to budget and it feels good not to have to use credit cards, and never will agin even in years to come when my credit rating is good. If I want soemthing now i save for it, even noe when i but something, i think do i really need it and if i dont i dont buy it.

 I have to admit my annual review is coming up, and i am really nervous about it, i ahve done really well at my job and had pay rises and about £200 better of amonth, i hope my payments are not increased so i can use this money to look after my twins, on the same hand i have no intention in asking to reduce my IVA payments as i think i owe it my creditors to stick to it as the accepted my iva based on the payment

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January 13th, 2008

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